Why should you care?

So, despite what reality has clearly and consistantly told scientists through experiments, the data in this picture suggest that less than one in five Americans fully accept that truth. What is strange about that is that no experiments and no data support that disblief. It has the status of a rumor. 

Perhaps one of the reasons for the disbelief is that those who hold it wish that there was more time to ignore it. Again, there is no data from experiments to support that either. It seems that virtually every daily news show now starts with a weather disaster. But people who prefer delusion to reality say bad weather things have always happened and ignore the ominous message that they are more frequent and disasterous now. Floods, droughts, winds, wildfires. 

Science informs and politics acts. Science has done it’s job. Now it’s ours to choose between marginally affordable and not at all affordable. To whatever degree there ever was an inexpensive alternative it is now gone, off of the table, not real.


While we have already used up unproductively much of the time that could have been used to solve the problems that we created and are making worse every day we still have affordable choices, but they are rapidly dwindling.


So let the science without math here inform you. Become real in your understanding of why the problem exists, what is necessary to make the worst of it go away, and when all affordable options will have been left permanently behind.


Most of all, armed with this knowledge, you’ll be fool proof, or at least hard to fool. You’ll be in a position to reject the pseudo-science offered up to protect the status quo and to sort reality from self serving dreams of things that people simply wish were true. As a trained skeptical scientist when someone says or you read something that may "feel" right or plausible but seems to deny that global warming is the biggest problem the world faces, your first thought will be what data is offered as factual evidence? I have yet to see any to the contrary. If you find some let me know. I'd be very interested.


Now, let's be clear. You don't have to do a thing about any of this. Or, there are many things that you could do. As Thomas Paine said, "lead, follow, or get out of the way". The world will jointly decide the path forward. If you decide to do nothing the world will overtake and pass you by and leave you behind. If you want to be part of it though step one is education. This is one place to start that. 


Some people fully accept the science behind global warming based on the assumption that we all rely on science almost every minute of every day but most of us don't understand it so why should Climate Change be any different? Not a bad assumption, but others are skeptical about Climate Change because of what they've heard but are not equipped to really understand. What follows is more an opportunity for skeptics to learn what's behind the headlines, what mankind collectively knows vs what most individuals know. 


If science is not your thing you could skip over the next section "Big Picture" and probably "References" too. If you find science sort of interesting but math overwhelming, I've left the math out. What you'll notice is that science is my thing. I hate not to understand "why". 


If you too are uncomfortable not understanding why, you're in the right place.

The "Big Picture" page is meant to be the briefest description that I could think of about what is known without doubt by science of anthropogenic (caused by mankind) global warming and its consequences. That's followed by "References", links to other websites that describe various considerations more thoroughly. Finally, "Futures" talks about the various scenarios that we could choose among to bequeath to our progeny. "Choices" outlines some of the alternatives that we can decide among.

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