It's up to us.

Science has done what it can. The natural consequences of various paths of action have been predicted although it has taken us a quarter of a century of valuable time to accomplish that. What we'll do from the menu of possibilities is a matter for politics, economics, and business to decide.


The world has attempted to organize to solve the largest global issue that we've ever faced but has also desperately clung to the past, the known, the comfortable, the status quo.


Some progress has been accomplished. Government has invested in technology development, investors have supported the opportunities, and growth in sustainable energy has outpaced obsolete technologies.


But, we are still on the most expensive path to the future. The pace of change hasn't kept up with the need for change. Apparently the changes that would allow a viable future are just bigger than our collective imagination can envision.


As the dinosaurs would have noted had the species survived nature will make the necessary changes. The choice is only between her way and ours once we arrive at and implement one. If we can't decide she will.


Can we change less traumatically than her draconian approach? We can but I don't know if we will.


There has been some good thinking about possible plans of action. That's why I think that we are not without hope. We are only without common purpose, resolve and responsibility. We are as America was prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor. We need to be as America was after we lost those 2500+ people and billions of today's dollars in naval gear. Come to think of it the cost of just extreme weather enhanced over the last 25 years by global warming probably exceeds those numbers.


What's different in our accounting for these times? Then we had a "them". Today "them" are us.



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